The Merseybeats lyrics

T, The Merseybeats

Sorrow, The Merseybeats

The Merseybeats - Sorrow lyrics
Sorrow - Sorrow
With your long blond hair and your eyes of blue
Was Sorrow - Sorrow
The only thing I ever got from you
I tried to find her cause I can't resist her

T, The Merseybeats

Wishin' and Hopin', The Merseybeats

The Merseybeats - Wishin' and Hopin' lyrics
All you gotta do is lyrics
Wishin' and hopin'
Plannin' and dreamin' her kisses will start
Thinkin' and a-prayin'
You won't get her


T, The Merseybeats

I think of You, The Merseybeats

The Merseybeats - I think of You lyrics
I think of you
And my arms want someone to hold
Well now my arms just long to hold you
Like they used to do before
Now you don't love me no more

T, The Merseybeats

Don't Turn Around, The Merseybeats

The Merseybeats - Don't Turn Around lyrics
Don't turn around
Don't look at me
Don't look around
Don't pity me
Don't pity me oh-oh-no

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