Timeflies lyrics

T, Timeflies

NSFW (Feat. Angel Haze), Timeflies

Timeflies - NSFW  (Feat. Angel Haze) lyrics
Not safe for work
Send me something not safe for work
Girl take your phone out
Faded right now club so loud
Put a few down and a couple of perks

T, Timeflies

Monsters, Timeflies

Timeflies - Monsters lyrics
Tell me your problems I'll chase them away lyrics
I'll be your lighthouse I'll make it okay
I see your monsters I see your pain
[Chorus: Katie Sky]

T, Timeflies

All The Way, Timeflies

Timeflies - All The Way lyrics
You know I'm the one to take you all the way
When I love someone I'm loving all the way
(Oh oh ooh oh oh ooh)
I'll be okay

T, Timeflies

I Choose U, Timeflies

Timeflies - I Choose U lyrics
Everybody needs somebody to love
And I choose you
And I choose you and I choose you
I need somebody to love
And I know I know I know


T, Timeflies

Worth It, Timeflies

Timeflies - Worth It lyrics
Now you’re singin
It’s got me thinkin…
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Whoaoh
It’s time you start getting what you came for

T, Timeflies

Swoon, Timeflies

Timeflies - Swoon lyrics
Yeah lemme see ya swoon
We could set it off make the bass go boom
I do it like that so lemme see ya lemme see ya swoon
Happens every time I go and step up in the room
Out here the parties never end too soon

T, Timeflies

Shades Of Grey, Timeflies

Timeflies - Shades Of Grey lyrics
I’m seein' shades of gray
And I used to be so superhuman but it seems I lost my cape
How could I be that I’m livin' so great externally when life’s burnin' me and internally
And I’ll put on a clinic I can see that you’re a cynic lyrics
Now I tried to exercise my demons but they’ve gotten out of shape

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