Tuomo lyrics

T, Tuomo

My Thing, Tuomo

Tuomo - My Thing lyrics
Just let me do my thing
Let someone else do the worrying
Let me do it
I won't be sad no more if you
Give me a song and let me sing

T, Tuomo

26, Tuomo

Tuomo - 26 lyrics
You'll look at me and smile and you'll say
Then one day when we've grown older
"Do you remember back when we were 26?
Do you remember how I used to reminisce
And look back on what I should have done

T, Tuomo

Don't Take It Too Hard, Tuomo

Tuomo - Don't Take It Too Hard lyrics
Don't take it too hard
'Cause we've all got our problems lyrics
Get together every boy and girl
And share your sweet consolation when you think you can't make it through
Young people around the world

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