White Denim lyrics

W, White Denim

Paint Yourself, White Denim

White Denim - Paint Yourself lyrics
You don't know who you are
What will you do?
Of all you promised you just yesterday
And there's always something
But you're making it so obvious I can't

W, White Denim

Pretty Green, White Denim

White Denim - Pretty Green lyrics
It wouldn't wake up a sound
Looking out looking out
You feel defeated
When you're always on
So your guardians have lost

W, White Denim

At Night In Dreams, White Denim

White Denim - At Night In Dreams lyrics
At night in dreams of a thousand moons and clear blue rain
I know you think that it's easy to change but it's a symptom of age lyrics
Sometimes it seems as if we could build a love to free us from pain
Now here we are barely holding on to a promise of forever
Portrait of two in white in a church house made of glass

W, White Denim

Burnished, White Denim

White Denim - Burnished lyrics
How you gonna come and tell me not to leave
Now you're gonna come and try to tell me not to leave
A relevant take on the nature of giving is more than I'm able to lift
A meaningful shake on the order of nature should be like a sort of a gift
Apparently used to the musings of angels we chirp in the arms of a birch


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