R, Rakim

When I'm Flowin', Rakim

Rakim - When I'm Flowin' lyrics
[Chorus x2]
Man I keep it goin damn I keep it flowin
But not the twilight from the insight that I write
and recite in my mic'll be bright cause I like
Leavin your periphereal vision in a zone

M, Mafia

Moja nieśmiałość, Mafia

Mafia - Moja nieśmiałość lyrics
Ile razy mówię Ci że że kocham
Tyle razy widzę Cię jak śnisz o tych słowach: KOCHAM CIĘ! lyrics
Tyle razy widzę Cię jak śnisz oddalona
Piąta noc przyłapałaś mnie
Więc udawałaś i nie spałaś wtedy wcale

S, Sierściuchy

Co dał mi świat, Sierściuchy

Sierściuchy - Co dał mi świat lyrics
Każdego dnia pokonać strach lyrics
Przekonać się że pięknie jest
Co dał mi świat każdego dnia
Tę wiarę w cud by ciągle móc lyrics
Przez palce przecieka czas

S, Sierściuchy

Ja wiem, Sierściuchy

Sierściuchy - Ja wiem lyrics
Po której stronie
Lepszej ? Gorszej ? Znajdziesz się
A początek zaczyna się lyrics
Gdzie koniec jest
Ile jeszcze nowych chwil


S, Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows

The Sleeper, Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows - The Sleeper lyrics
This bed for one more melancholy
This chamber changed for one more holy
I pray to God that she may lie lyrics
For ever with unopened eye
My love she sleeps! Oh may her sleep

B, Burn season

Save Me, Burn season

Burn season - Save Me lyrics
(pre-chorus + chorus)
From your glaring it's scaring you're staring! lyrics
So lost that I'm choking awaiting tonight
Take me away I wish I was sober

S, Spor

Pacifica (Kito & Reija Lee Remix), Spor

Spor - Pacifica (Kito & Reija Lee Remix) lyrics
Feel this wave
Float away with the tide I'll drown lyrics
Sinking following the sound
Push me deep into the ground
Crashing down lyrics

R, Russell Crowe

Javert's Suicide, Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe - Javert's Suicide lyrics
Who never doubted all these years?
My heart is stone and still it trembles
The world I have known is lost in shadow
Is he from heaven or from hell? lyrics
And must I now begin to doubt

A, Anna Graceman

It's Love, Anna Graceman

Anna Graceman - It's Love lyrics
It's love
It's love that I hear
That I hear
When your beside me

N, Negramaro

Gommapiuma, Negramaro

Negramaro - Gommapiuma lyrics
spargi tanto sale
grida forte il tuo disgusto
rinuncia al tuo controllo
questo tuo silenzio !
sulle mie ferite aperte lyrics


Game of Life, LM.C

LM.C - Game of Life lyrics
Nazeka kyuu ni samishiku naru IN MY BED
Saredo hi wa mata nobori kurikaesu
Chikagoro eiga mitaina tensai jinsai maji dai mondai
gururi to mawari tsuzukeru lyrics

M, Mizrock

Thank You, Mizrock

Mizrock - Thank You lyrics
sou tsugeta nara Thank you
kimi e no Thank you all
「Thank You」 SAYONARA yori mo
kizuna to kawaru yo Oh-oh
komiageru egao ni lyrics

B, Billy Idol

All Summer Single, Billy Idol

Billy Idol - All Summer Single lyrics
All summer single
All summer all summer all summer
all summer single
near to me Ow!
good time good time lyrics

B, Billy Idol

Dead On Arrival, Billy Idol

Billy Idol - Dead On Arrival lyrics
Dead on arrival
That brought me into this town
Well what's gonna happen when he gets shot with love
And what did you do
With love with love yeh lyrics


B, Billy Idol

Love Calling, Billy Idol

Billy Idol - Love Calling lyrics
If you wanna rub-a-dub rub-a-dub
If you wanna rub-a-dub dub love
Rock on rock on
For the song man
Clap hands clap hands


B, Billy Idol

Untouchables, Billy Idol

Billy Idol - Untouchables lyrics
The untouchables tonight
We were we were
All things young and blue what'll I do
While it sets me free
It takes some of us home

R, Roxy Music

The main thing, Roxy Music

Roxy Music - The main thing lyrics
The main thing
You run through here
With your words of sand
I can nearly understand
You can really turn me on

R, Roxy Music

No strange delight, Roxy Music

Roxy Music - No strange delight lyrics
Your strange delight lyrics
So where's your soul?
In the field where every story ends
To when you really cared
Tearing off the years lyrics

R, Roxy Music

In the midnight hour, Roxy Music

Roxy Music - In the midnight hour lyrics
I'm gonna wait till the midnight hour
in the midnight hour
I'm gonna take you girl and hold you
and do all the things I told you
that's when my love begins to shine lyrics

J, Joan Jett

Push & Stomp, Joan Jett

Joan Jett - Push & Stomp lyrics
Till your knees are weak
Come on move your hips
I said hey I do the push & stomp
I said hey let's do the push & stomp
Ya just a shake shake shake

A, Adam Ant

Human Bondage Den, Adam Ant

Adam Ant - Human Bondage Den lyrics
You've got to stop your grumbling
And all that human bondage den
Can't fight here this is the war room
Last one in's a son of a gun
Hey ho strike two

A, Adam Ant

No Zap, Adam Ant

Adam Ant - No Zap lyrics
Till I'm dead dead dead
Kiss my mouth until it's red red red
You can hang me by the neck
Surf coming up Geronimo Joe
But me no buts buddy riding my bike

R, Raekwon

Sneakers, Raekwon

Raekwon - Sneakers lyrics
Fly royals got love for a ?member a six? we do the basics
Stood out slide em on taste it wild lace in these lyrics
Ciconi's and ponies Spa built mix wit ? ? ?
Keep it real heav set head set intellect set
[Verse 2]

R, Raekwon

Run (Freestlye), Raekwon

Raekwon - Run (Freestlye) lyrics
And I won't stop moving til the metal dig me
Say word yo make 'em work for it young rookie y'all need me lyrics
Please plus they heard I'm getting parmagane cheese
Build be gone ain't no honor amongst thieves
Yelled out 'pardon' kept it moving peace

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