1963 lyrics

W, Wynonna Judd

Anyone Who Had A Heart, Wynonna Judd

Wynonna Judd - Anyone Who Had A Heart lyrics
Would take me in his arms and love me too
And hurt me like you hurt me
And be so untrue
Anyone who had a heart
You couldn't really have a heart


D, Donovan

Universal Soldier, Donovan

Donovan - Universal Soldier lyrics
But without him
How would Hitler have condemned them at Dachau? lyrics
Without him Caesar would have stood alone
And he never sees the writing on the wall
Who's to live and who's to die


A, Annie Palmen

Een speeldoos ( Eurovision 1963 ), Annie Palmen

Annie Palmen - Een speeldoos ( Eurovision 1963 ) lyrics
Op een lentenacht
Maar een fee kwam zacht
Zo ver van haar vandaan
En raakte hen heel voorzichtig aan
De herder en zijn herderinnetje


J, Jacques Raymond

Waarom ( Eurovision 1963 ), Jacques Raymond

Jacques Raymond - Waarom ( Eurovision 1963 ) lyrics
Waarom kunnen wij vol heimwee zijn?
Waarom kent ons hart soms vreugd en pijn?
Hoor de merel die zingt het blij:
"'k Heb je lief hou jij ook van mij?"
Zingt het vogelenkoor in de mei?


M, Mama Cass Elliot

Welcome To The World, Mama Cass Elliot

Mama Cass Elliot - Welcome To The World lyrics
Welcome to the world of love and laughter baby
You drifted on to the sea you flowed in to a dream
A dream that never will fade away
Welcome to the sunshine of a brand new day
The music is going shall we dance


C, CocoRosie

Surfer Girl, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Surfer Girl lyrics
Do you love me do you surfer girl
I will make your dreams come true
So I say from me to you
My surfer girl my surfer girl
And in my Woody I would take you everywhere I go lyrics


G, George Benson

Hey Girl, George Benson

George Benson - Hey Girl lyrics
Don't go away Hey Girl!
How will I live How can I go on
What's gonna happen to me when you're gone
How can I go on? Hey Girl!
Hey Girl! Now sit yourself down lyrics


B, Buck Owens

Act naturally, Buck Owens

Buck Owens - Act naturally lyrics
And all I gotta do is act naturally
The movie's gonna make me a big star
'Cause I can play the part so well
Might win an Oscar you can never tell
Well I hope you come and see me in the movie

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D, Diana Krall

Sunny, Diana Krall

Diana Krall - Sunny lyrics
Sunny one so true I love you
Sunny yesterday my life was filled with rain
My sunny one shines so sincere
The dark days are gone and the bright days are here
Sunny you smiled at me and really eased the pain

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E, Elton John

I Saw Her Standing There, Elton John

Elton John - I Saw Her Standing There lyrics
When I saw her standing there
I couldn't dance with another
As I crossed that room
Well my heart went boom
And I held her hand in mine


E, Ella Fitzgerald

Sunny, Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald - Sunny lyrics
Sunny one so true I love you
Oh Sunny one so true I love you
Then a rock was formed when we held hands
My life was torn like wind blown sand
You're my sweet complete desire

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D, Dionne Warwick

Wives and lovers, Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick - Wives and lovers lyrics
Time to get ready for love
He's almost here
Run to his arms the moment he comes home to you; lyrics
Hey little girl better wear something pretty
For wives should always be lovers too

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Y, Yvonne Elliman

Hello Stranger, Yvonne Elliman

Yvonne Elliman - Hello Stranger lyrics
It seems like a mighty long time
(shoo-bop shoo-bop my baby ooh)
If you're not gonna stay lyrics
(ooh) Please don't treat me like you did before


C, Cliff Richard

Don't Talk To Him, Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard - Don't Talk To Him lyrics
My love for you is only plain
And if this guy should try to say lyrics
And think of me again
Nearly a wind (nearly a wind)
Don't talk to him lyrics

I, Isabella Rossellini

Blue Velvet , Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini - Blue Velvet  lyrics
She wore blue velvet
As lonely as I do
Blue blue
Star lyrics
Shadows fall so blue

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S, Shakin Stevens

Just One Look, Shakin Stevens

Shakin Stevens - Just One Look lyrics
Just one look that's all it took (yeah)
Just one look
That you
Were my only one Wooaahh ooooh lyrics
And I knew


T, The Merseybeats

Wishin' and Hopin', The Merseybeats

The Merseybeats - Wishin' and Hopin' lyrics
All you gotta do is
Wishin' and hopin'
Plannin' and dreamin' her kisses will start
Thinkin' and a-prayin'
You won't get her


T, The Merseybeats

I think of You, The Merseybeats

The Merseybeats - I think of You lyrics
I think of you
And my arms want someone to hold
Well now my arms just long to hold you
Like they used to do before
Now you don't love me no more

J, Jan & Dean

Surf City, Jan & Dean

Jan & Dean - Surf City lyrics
Surf City here we come
You know I'm gonna Surf City
Well I'm going to Surf City
'Cause it's two to one
Two girls for every boy


P, Paul Anka

Can't Get Used To Losing You, Paul Anka

Paul Anka - Can't Get Used To Losing You lyrics
Loving you
No matter what I try to do
Can't get used to losin' you
Gonna spend my whole life thorough
Since you're gone it happens every day


T, The Rolling Stones

Da doo ron ron, The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones - Da doo ron ron lyrics
Da do ron ron ron da do ron ron
And when he walked me home da do ron ron ron da do
ron ron
He picked me at seven and he looked so fine
Someday soon I'm gonna make him mine


J, Jose Feliciano

Hi Heel Sneakers, Jose Feliciano

Jose Feliciano - Hi Heel Sneakers lyrics
Cuando pienso en t
recuerdo a ese hombre que yo fu
que siempre vive en m lyrics
sin fin sin fin
que yo te d


T, The Searchers

Don't Throw Your Love Away, The Searchers

The Searchers - Don't Throw Your Love Away lyrics
Don't throw your love away no no no no
For you might need it someday lyrics
Don't throw your love away
And play at love
To anyone who'll say "I love you"


T, The Monkees

How Insensitive, The Monkees

The Monkees - How Insensitive lyrics
Did I just turn and stare in icy silence?
When a love affair is over?
Why she must have asked
And I'm alone with the memory of her last look
Vague and drawn and sad


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