1986 lyrics

J, James House

I'm in It for Love, James House

James House - I'm in It for Love lyrics
I'm not in it for the love of a stranger
I'm in it for love
There's no limit for us
Let the walls come tumbling down
In it for love

J, Jacek Skubikowski

Było i nie ma, Jacek Skubikowski

Jacek Skubikowski - Było i nie ma lyrics
Było nas dwoje
A zostało nie wiem co
Znów wygrało głupie zło
Uciekam sam nie wiem gdzie
By tylko dalej od spraw


I, I Am I

You're The Voice, I Am I

I Am I - You're The Voice lyrics
You're the voice
How long can we look at each other down the barrel of a gun lyrics
You're the voice try and understand it
We're not gonna sit in silence
Make a noise and make it clear oh-woh


F, Flotsam and Jetsam

Der Fuhrer, Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam and Jetsam - Der Fuhrer lyrics
London Paris many more
Allied forces go to war bloody battles by the score
God's chosen in that Nazi hell
Air raid sirens screaming loud

S, Saphir

Storms of love, Saphir

Saphir - Storms of love lyrics
Storms of love
Not to see you again lyrics
I change my apartment downtown
When I try and I try
And I lose my control again

M, Megadeth

Peace Sells Medley, Megadeth

Megadeth - Peace Sells Medley lyrics
Peace sellsbut who's buying?
If theres a new way
Wake up dead you die
But it better work this time


E, Ensiferum

Battery (Metallica cover), Ensiferum

Ensiferum - Battery (Metallica cover) lyrics
turns into obsession
Pounding out aggression lyrics
cannot kill the Battery
Battery is found in me
Battery lyrics


N, Nena

Zusammen, Nena

Nena - Zusammen lyrics
Wir gehören zusammen
Wir haben unsern Streit
Gehören wir zusammen - zusammen
Wir haben unsere Meinungen lyrics
Es tut mir manchmal weh

H, Havok

Postmortem, Havok

Havok - Postmortem lyrics
Skeletons in my mind commence tearing at my sanity
Vessels in my brain carry death until my birth
My sinful glare at nothing holds thoughts of death behind it
Fatality reality you await the final call lyrics
Losing ground the fate you feel it draws near


T, The Smiths

His Latest Flame, The Smiths

The Smiths - His Latest Flame lyrics
Someone's beaten up
I might walk home alone
But my faith in love is still devout lyrics
This is the last night of the fair
And the grease in the hair


M, Metal Church

Burial At Sea, Metal Church

Metal Church - Burial At Sea lyrics
The air is getting colder now lyrics
Sailing further north
I back down onto my knees
My guts they wrench and twist

M, Metal Church

Method To Your Madness, Metal Church

Metal Church - Method To Your Madness lyrics
Out on the run guns at your back
They've got you in their sights
Endless sleepless nights
Everyone's gone they're dead in a trench
Is the method to your madness now

M, Metal Church

Start The Fire, Metal Church

Metal Church - Start The Fire lyrics
Everybody's staring into space
Bring down the hammer
Start start the fire
Burning on forever
So you see that they're all going nowhere

M, Metal Church

Ton Of Bricks, Metal Church

Metal Church - Ton Of Bricks lyrics
Hear the timebombs begin to tick
My world will not cave in
I will dare so I will win lyrics
Rip it up kick it out
The only way I know

M, Metal Church

Western Alliance, Metal Church

Metal Church - Western Alliance lyrics
Their way of life is dying lyrics
No way you'll take their lying
Rush headlong into the fight
Facing on us their will

S, Skinny Puppy

One time one place, Skinny Puppy

Skinny Puppy - One time one place lyrics
What a way to end the game
Natures regret law of things so brutalized lyrics
An enemy that need not
Make peace

S, Skinny Puppy

Love, Skinny Puppy

Skinny Puppy - Love lyrics
Love Love
Love lyrics

N, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Sleeping Annaleah, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Sleeping Annaleah lyrics
Sleeping Annaleah Weeping Annaleah
That we uncovered in time
No you're not ready for me
But when yesterday becomes a memory a memory
If you still remember that cold September lyrics


K, Kruiz (rus)

Последний рассвет (Last down), Kruiz (rus)

Kruiz (rus) - Последний рассвет (Last down) lyrics
Земля увидит свой последний рассвет
Холодный мрак навек закроет солнца свет
Вы создали монстра и держите в клетке
Он дремлет пока выжидает свой час
Ему снятся звeздные войны военные сны lyrics

S, Sodom

Nuctemeron, Sodom

Sodom - Nuctemeron lyrics
Lights of darkness
Heavenly shpere voice strike up
High magics memorial
Creators perfection


F, Fiona Flanagan

Keeper of the Flame, Fiona Flanagan

Fiona Flanagan - Keeper of the Flame lyrics
my love's gonna bring you down
i am the keeper of the flame
what i did i have done i would do again
my love - it's the talk of town
well i don't need no heart-to-heart

S, Secret Service

Walking, Secret Service

Secret Service - Walking lyrics
I payed didn’t know what to do
We walked I was walking with you
Walking walking in the rain
Walking I didn’t know your name
It was late when they said they were closing


T, The Pointer Sisters

Hot Together, The Pointer Sisters

The Pointer Sisters - Hot Together lyrics
Hot so hot together lyrics
You've got to free it up
We could be so hot hot together
So hot together lyrics
*We could be so hot hot together

, ,

L, Lucero

Y Cuando El Llegó, Lucero

Lucero - Y Cuando El Llegó lyrics
Y cuando el me amaba
Que dulce y profundo se hacia el amor
En una mañana que siempre era yo
Por el despertaban
Los besos dormidos


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