2008 lyrics

E, Epiclore

A Song In Solitude, Epiclore

Epiclore - A Song In Solitude lyrics
I follow and there you are lyrics
I carry you home and the
grace in your eyes
ready to condone
You're calling me


L, Lola Ponce

Devórame Otra Vez, Lola Ponce

Lola Ponce - Devórame Otra Vez lyrics
Desesperan mis ganas por ti
Que la boca me sabe a tu cuerpo
Que mi amor lo guarde para ti
Que dibuje mi cuerpo en cada rincón
Devórame otra vez ven devórame otra vez


Z, Żebro

To jest nasza wiara, Żebro

Żebro - To jest nasza wiara lyrics
której oddajemy serce
To Zagłębie Lubin
To jest nasza wiara
To jest nasza miłość
w którym walczymy o rację

A, Amie Miriello

Mother Cries Wolf, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - Mother Cries Wolf lyrics
But I feel as though someone
And you're a shadow a shadow
And I don't know why
Another woman I feel like I used to know
Closed the sky

A, Amie Miriello

Who You Really Are, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - Who You Really Are lyrics
I guess I can't be too sure
It doesn't always have to be so hard
But I guess I don't know
Of who you really are
Let me in your heart

A, Amie Miriello

Grey, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - Grey lyrics
(she only loves you)
(she only wants you)
she only loves you when it's raining
she only wants you when you're taken lyrics
she's only happy when it's grey

A, Amie Miriello

Hey, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - Hey lyrics
I call you in the evening
I call you in the morning
Then I'm gone hey
I see you around 'round
You don't have to love me

A, Amie Miriello

Pictures, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - Pictures lyrics
Is it too late to turn around?
The way that we used to be
With your shadow it's served you well
What have we become?
To leave it all behind you?

A, Amie Miriello

Drifter, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - Drifter lyrics
now i feel you come back home
u were never really gone
now that i feel you come back home
yeah and i know
like a drifter finding a shelter in desert

A, Amie Miriello

Cold Front, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - Cold Front lyrics
How long will this last
I've gotta stay warm
Ice making me think that until it moves on
Ice in every moment

A, Amie Miriello

I Came Around, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - I Came Around lyrics
everybody changes with a chance and I came around
la da da da da da da
I came around
everybody changes with a chance
but I'm learning as I go don't you know everydays why it hurts so bad

A, Amie Miriello

Snow, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - Snow lyrics
Illuminated by the echo of the crowd lyrics
And look out at the open road
I'm dreamin' of the sound
I wipe the window filled with snow lyrics
I sleep all day when I wake I run

T, Tivoli Beatz

Kylie, Tivoli Beatz

Tivoli Beatz - Kylie lyrics
I can watch you move
We can get into the groove lyrics
Later you can sing to me
like a shining star
let's go out and dance lyrics


F, Folkearth

In an emerald garden, Folkearth

Folkearth - In an emerald garden lyrics
To wear on the day we exchange vows
In an emerald garden under an azure sky
There my dear child we could love as before
I'll make you a gown of lilies and pearls lyrics
And there my love we could be as once before


H, Herbert Grönemeyer

Will I Ever Learn, Herbert Grönemeyer

Herbert Grönemeyer  - Will I Ever Learn lyrics
Hold on hold on we never do
Hold on hold on rescued and freed
I wanna race I wanna place I wanna be
Cause I never learn
Will I ever learn?


T, The Tunics

Whatever Happened, The Tunics

The Tunics - Whatever Happened lyrics
There’s nothing to look forward to
The nights are growing colder
The days are getting shorter
Nothing to look back upon
Growing cold and lonely

D, Dignity

Arrogance and Rapture, Dignity

Dignity - Arrogance and Rapture lyrics
We just have one chance
It is time for a change let your voice be heard
Open your mind
Live your life like this day where your last
That's how you stay alive lyrics


C, Circus Contraption

Pink Elephants on Parade, Circus Contraption

Circus Contraption - Pink Elephants on Parade lyrics
Pink elephants!
Pink elephants on parade!
Look out! Look out!
Chase 'em away!
Pink elephants on parade

C, Circus Contraption

Raining Pianos, Circus Contraption

Circus Contraption - Raining Pianos lyrics
'Cause it could always be a lot worse
You know you gotta laugh or else you gonna cry
So show me all your teeth and hold your head up high
Moving along to no advance
I'm mumbling and fumbling and wondering aloud lyrics

W, Will Young

If Love Equals Nothing, Will Young

Will Young - If Love Equals Nothing lyrics
But sadness and pain
When it builds me up high
Beating me cheating me
If love equals nothing
And drops me to the floor


W, Will Young

Free My Mind, Will Young

Will Young - Free My Mind lyrics
A distant memory
But you take a part of me
Everything has to change
Everything has to end
Too many times


W, Will Young

You Don't Know, Will Young

Will Young - You Don't Know lyrics
When you found me
The end of my troubles
I was all alone I was nearly gone
You don't know when you carried me
You took my broken bones and put them back together


S, Steven Wilson

Get All You Deserve, Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson - Get All You Deserve lyrics
Get all that you deserve lyrics
Get all that you deserve in this world
Don't think you'll ever know my name
Have more than you'll ever need from me
Love more than you can know lyrics


F, Fedde Le Grand

3 Minutes To Explain ft. Funkerman & Andy & Dorothy Sherman, Fedde Le Grand

Fedde Le Grand - 3 Minutes To Explain   ft. Funkerman & Andy & Dorothy Sherman lyrics
This aint what I want
Hey man hey man
This aint what I need
Doing it over and over and over again
You better stop this thing lyrics

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