2009 lyrics

I, Iggy Pop

King Of The Dogs, Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop - King Of The Dogs lyrics
I'm deadly 'cause I'm the king of the dogs lyrics
I'm a dancer baby
I'm hanging out where the spirits dwell
I can smell the things that you cannot smell
I'm deadly I'm the king of the dogs


H, Havok

Morbid Symmetry, Havok

Havok - Morbid Symmetry lyrics
You can disagree
But I guarantee
Morbid symmetry
Fame and misfortune and it's all coming at its price
Misery is on the rise


M, Municipal Waste

Wolves of Chernobyl, Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste - Wolves of Chernobyl lyrics
Wolves of Chernobyl lyrics
Nothing's going to stop it
Beware the pack is coming for you!
It's a massacre
Believe it's a legend lyrics


D, Dong Cheng Wei

Gou Ai, Dong Cheng Wei

Dong Cheng Wei - Gou Ai lyrics
Wo de ling he hun po bu ting shou hou zai ni xin men kou
Wo de shang he yan lei hua wei wu you wei ni er liu
Wo chuan yue jin xing mu xing shui xing huo xing tu xing
Wo de ai zhi neng gou rang ni yi ge ren du zhi yong you
Tu xing zhui xun ni shi jian di di da di da da di sheng yin

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W, Wu Hu Jiang

Dui Shou, Wu Hu Jiang

Wu Hu Jiang - Dui Shou lyrics
Wo yi zhang pi kai tian
Gen zhe wo qu mao xian
Wei shen me dou mei you xie
Wo men de ming tian ta zai na bian
Zai suo you shu li mian

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T, Texas Hippie Coalition

Pissed Off and Mad About It, Texas Hippie Coalition

Texas Hippie Coalition - Pissed Off and Mad About It lyrics
Pissed off and mad about it
Yes you've heard about it
So let me scream and shout it
And this is so surreal
This is how I feel


A, AKB48

Temodemo no Namida, AKB48

AKB48 - Temodemo no Namida lyrics
Konna ni suki demo
Konna ni aitaku temo
Kono basho kara
Anata wo miteiru
Soredemo koushite


B, Bingo Players

Devotion, Bingo Players

Bingo Players - Devotion lyrics
I wanna give you devotion
I wanna
I wanna give you (x4) lyrics

B, Bingo Players

I Will Follow (feat Dan'thony), Bingo Players

Bingo Players - I Will Follow (feat Dan'thony) lyrics
Looking for a brighter day
Together 'til the end of time
Let love shine
And maybe this time we'll find our way lyrics
So look through my eyes(yeah)

J, Jungle Rot

Exit Wounds, Jungle Rot

Jungle Rot - Exit Wounds lyrics
Exit wounds
Behold the flesh it makes an awful mess
The wounds have dried now I will take your hide lyrics
Remove the head a trophy of the dead
Not clear to see it's an human taxidermy


J, Jungle Rot

Worst Case Scenario, Jungle Rot

Jungle Rot - Worst Case Scenario lyrics
Devastating consequence
The worst case scenario
Nuclear winter now
Shade the earth from the sun
Sterilized world cleared


M, Mark Pontius

Swimming for tomorrow, Mark Pontius

Mark Pontius - Swimming for tomorrow lyrics
Swimming for tomorrow
You're pretending I'm not here
Back to where all my friends
I'm here now lyrics
Let me go

J, Jungle Rot

Atrocity, Jungle Rot

Jungle Rot - Atrocity lyrics
Pour on the chemicals
Feel the pain
Hold out your hand
Feel the burning
They've got me chained down and gagged


K, Katarzyna Starosta

Mój słoń, Katarzyna Starosta

Katarzyna Starosta - Mój słoń lyrics
„Jakby nigdy nic” mnie trąca
Ten mój „w porcelanie słoń”
Bo ja oblewam się potem
Cała drżę gdy czasem on
jaką by mnie lubił: czy „sauté” czy pic lyrics


T, The Veer Union

Falling Apart, The Veer Union

The Veer Union - Falling Apart lyrics
Oh yeah!
'Cause now I'm falling apart
It's when you're falling apart
The silence seems to las forever!
Can someone put me back together?!


S, Shpongle

Electroplasm, Shpongle

Shpongle - Electroplasm lyrics
One two three
Desperate desperate desperate
Sobering sobering
That was a real experience wow

S, Shpongle

Shpongolese Spoken Here, Shpongle

Shpongle - Shpongolese Spoken Here lyrics
Just for the people lyrics
My my mind are drunk
This is unique in the head
This is the people
And good bye

S, Shpongle

Ineffable Mysteries, Shpongle

Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries lyrics
Utha thariya kooka
Suna koyala kooka
Reflected on the sand
A stranger in paradise
Entering Shpongleland

S, Shpongle

Invisible Man In A Fluorescent Suit, Shpongle

Shpongle - Invisible Man In A Fluorescent Suit lyrics
Shit! lyrics
That's mad
It's quite a buzz
It's quite buzzy

S, Shpongle

Walking Backwards Though The Cosmic Mirror, Shpongle

Shpongle - Walking Backwards Though The Cosmic Mirror lyrics
Do you want to disappear?
Backwards through the mirror of the time travel lyrics
You're in Shpongleland again
Make yourself big make yourself small?
Everyone knows that!

K, Kagrra

Towa ni..., Kagrra

Kagrra - Towa ni... lyrics
natsukashii keshiki ni yume egaita lyrics
eien wo shinjiteta koro wo
matataku yozora wo daita hibi wo
mou ichido sagashi ni yuku yo lyrics
kono kokoro kadowaka sou to suru kedo

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J, Josh Greene

Runaway, Josh Greene

Josh Greene - Runaway lyrics
dont by X show the booty
be cutey fresh and fruty you runaway beauty i could dobel you three times the koodies
should i find a better day alli know is whats behind you if you see me comin runaway lyrics
nine te do it again but you rainaway now you better not runaway

K, Kagrra

Subarashiki Kana? Jinsei, Kagrra

Kagrra - Subarashiki Kana? Jinsei lyrics
Saa wai rani karami na
Don yoku shin i guchi iware san doku
Ai janaika ? In janaika ? lyrics
Yoku ni obore runo naraba
Aa iijanaika ? In janaika ?

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F, Fedde Le Grand

Scared Of Me ft. Mitch Crown, Fedde Le Grand

Fedde Le Grand - Scared Of Me  ft. Mitch Crown lyrics
D-d-don't be scared of me
Are you scared of me
Don't be scared of me
A-are you scared of me - it’s allright!

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