2009 lyrics

I, Illdisposed

Johnny, Illdisposed

Illdisposed - Johnny lyrics
Won't you come on home now? lyrics
We miss you
Won't you come on?
What is wrong in my life that I must get drunk every night?
Johnny we're sorry

I, Illdisposed

This Unscheduled Moment, Illdisposed

Illdisposed - This Unscheduled Moment lyrics
Please find me please use me lyrics
This unscheduled moment
No time for joy
Take it down
I'm feeling down

F, Faun

La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Faun

Faun - La Belle Dame Sans Merci lyrics
wo im verdorrten Schilf am See
und Schatten folgen mir seitdem
zu jeder Zeit
da träumte ich - die Nacht voll Leid!-
Da hat sie mich in Schlaf gewiegt

L, Lukas Con K

Tienda De Muñecas, Lukas Con K

Lukas Con K - Tienda De Muñecas lyrics
Y sujetan a cabezas huecas lyrics
Intimidas y te pones y aparentas
a lo David Beckahm
Nena sal del nido vamos a volar lyrics
Que se compran con tacones

T, TV3

Rožių kerai, TV3

TV3 - Rožių kerai lyrics
Tarytum nuodai
Rožių kerai
Jei norit atvirai
Vyrus veikia nepastebimai
Kviečiame jus į rožinę kovą

E, Esoterica

Tomorrow I won`t remember, Esoterica

Esoterica - Tomorrow I won`t remember lyrics
but its all good you know that its all good
tomorrow I won't remember
I always feel this awkward and yes
my state of minds a mess
seems I'm out of control again

A, Adam Joseph

Finally, Adam Joseph

Adam Joseph - Finally lyrics
Right in front of my face
Finally it has happened to me
But all he ever wanted was to have a little fun
It seemed so many times he seemed to be the one
And I just cannot hide it lyrics


A, Alexz Johnson

Stranger with my face, Alexz Johnson

Alexz Johnson - Stranger with my face lyrics
Stranger with my face
(Cannot lean on me better leave me alone)
(Leave me alone better save me a seat cause I'm coming back home)
I will not run I'm like a tree
Still cannot believe lyrics


S, Shizukusa Yumi

Endless Summer, Shizukusa Yumi

Shizukusa Yumi - Endless Summer lyrics
Zutto soba ni ite hanasanaide
Awa mitai ni anata wa totemo shigeki teki
Futari wo hakonde tte shiawase no kuni e
Huhu motto furimukasetai I'm thinking about U shiroi kumo
Huhu motto furimukasetai I'm thinking about U SAIDAA no


V, Vanna

We Are Nameless, Vanna

Vanna - We Are Nameless lyrics
after all the ink is gone
and should the wind blow
we are nameless in this place
let it carry us home
the letters fade and the page goes on

V, Vanna

Sleepwalker, Vanna

Vanna - Sleepwalker lyrics
when you get what you want
show her the door
don't let her keep walking
with her heart in my hand
inside of these dreams you'll never wake from

V, Vanna

Life And Limb, Vanna

Vanna - Life And Limb lyrics
Like a spotlight to tired eyes
On the chest of a velvet gown
Thrown bare at the mouth of hell
We'll never be the same No we'll never be the same
A truth too great for concern

V, Vanna

Ten Arms, Vanna

Vanna - Ten Arms lyrics
Are you giving up on us
We are nothing If we suffer alone lyrics
After all the times
After everything is said and done
That we've lost sleep

I, Irūna & Marius Jampolskis

Gal žinai kodėl, Irūna & Marius Jampolskis

Irūna & Marius Jampolskis - Gal žinai kodėl lyrics
Kad tu ir aš šiandien susitikom
Susitikom vėl
Na kodėl šitaip atsitiko?
Gal žinai kodėl
Ir švelniai vėl mane paliesk


S, Shakra

Why, Shakra

Shakra - Why lyrics
Tell me why
Bygone times fade slowly lyrics
Without givin' a try
Our fairy tale will fade
Why'd you play this bad charade

A, Aneta Langerová

Jsem, Aneta Langerová

Aneta Langerová - Jsem lyrics
bezbarvá hladina vod lyrics
člověk v mém těle je sám
vítr z dvou světových stran
vkrádá se pod víčka tam lyrics
kde bez břehů protékám a mizím


F, Fit For Rivals

Get With Me, Fit For Rivals

Fit For Rivals - Get With Me lyrics
Whoa whoa I'll show you the time of your life
Whoa whoa baby come and get with me
Whoa whoa baby don't say no to me
Whoa come on and hate me
I hope with these last words that I scream from my mouth that you


J, Justyna Szafran Konrad Imiela

Sami we dwoje, Justyna Szafran Konrad Imiela

Justyna Szafran Konrad Imiela - Sami we dwoje lyrics
A właśnie my dwoje jesteśmy zgubieni i sami!
Kto z grzechem chcę wygrać ten grzechu na prawdę nie poznał
I nie wie jakimi krętymi przechadza drogami
Ja wiem że na prawdę ty jego nie możesz zapomnieć lyrics
Lecz chciałbym na zawsze wyłącznie do ciebie należeć

R, Rastasize

You, Rastasize

Rastasize - You lyrics
It`s always been you
It`s always been within you
It is you you you lyrics
It is you it`s true it`s you
They don`t know what Love is

R, Rastasize

Roots, Rastasize

Rastasize - Roots lyrics
All what`s left undone
And be now Just be now
And then you`ll have to forget
So let them things be the way they are
This journey goes on and on and on and on

R, Rastasize

Right to the Shore, Rastasize

Rastasize - Right to the Shore lyrics
We a come here to hook up with the youths of today
The same dread and the locks and the blocks
And the ghettos and the hoods
To make`em see that we are walking down the same old way
The same ups and downs and the stumbling blocks

R, Rastasize

We Will Never Get Silent, Rastasize

Rastasize - We Will Never Get Silent lyrics
Well come with The Storm
We can get violent - if that`s where it`s got to go
But Well Never Get Silent
From The Living One
From The Mighty One

C, Cannibal Corpse

Carrion Sculpted Entity, Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse - Carrion Sculpted Entity lyrics
Carrion sculpted entity
Unrelenting thirst for blood
Obscene art alive through death
Carnage formed rebirth
Damned to eternal plight


H, Headhunterz

Muzikal Revolution, Headhunterz

Headhunterz - Muzikal Revolution lyrics
The musical revolution
I became a part of the revolution (word!)
And together we became one
I invite you to be the revolution
So I now invite you as I had once been welcomed


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