2011 lyrics

W, White Denim

Burnished, White Denim

White Denim - Burnished lyrics
How you gonna come and tell me not to leave
Now you're gonna come and try to tell me not to leave
A relevant take on the nature of giving is more than I'm able to lift
A meaningful shake on the order of nature should be like a sort of a gift
Apparently used to the musings of angels we chirp in the arms of a birch


N, Naoshi Mizuta

Yeul's Theme, Naoshi Mizuta

Naoshi Mizuta - Yeul's Theme lyrics
I'll protect you with my life
Visions of love my only hope
To see you safe
To watch you grow
Pity not my destiny no


N, Naoshi Mizuta

Plains of Eternity, Naoshi Mizuta

Naoshi Mizuta - Plains of Eternity lyrics
Our prayers meet no matter where we're going
Above our thoughts we'll find a key together
To fill the day with all the things we treasure
And in my sleep you softly speak
I'll remember to trust in you


M, Mitsuto Suzuki

New Bodhum - Aggressive Mix -, Mitsuto Suzuki

Mitsuto Suzuki - New Bodhum - Aggressive Mix - lyrics
Close your eyes to find yourself
In wonderful world
Ah everything feels like your fantasy
A night in your life lyrics
In mystic timeline


L, Luca Dayz

Hotter, Luca Dayz

Luca Dayz - Hotter lyrics
Feelin' the beat
Eh eh oh
Oh oh oh
Arms around
Ladies make it hotter

W, W.E.N.A.

Moc znaków (Prys, Jot ), W.E.N.A.

W.E.N.A. - Moc znaków (Prys, Jot ) lyrics
zostaw mi słowo chcę gesty nim zburzyć
zostaw mi słowo chcę gesty nim burzyć
już nie musisz nic mówić bo jest ruch
Ty nie musisz nic mówić tyle wolnych form wiesz jak ich użyć
Ty nie musisz nic mówić tyle form i wiesz jak ich użyć

D, David Bisbal

Sombra y Luz, David Bisbal

David Bisbal - Sombra y Luz lyrics
con su sombra y con su luz
Y es que el amor no es perfecto
todo esto
No estamos preparados para
Entonces me doy cuenta de una

T, Trust

Dressed For Space, Trust

Trust - Dressed For Space lyrics
Several masks lyrics
to last the year
makes life dance
Like he smokes the rocks
Like he sorry's me


V, Vetusta Morla

Los Días Raros, Vetusta Morla

Vetusta Morla - Los Días Raros lyrics
Quién iba a decir que sin carbón no hay reyes magos
Quién iba a decir que sin borrón no hay trato
Bailar como un lazo en un ventilador
Ya está aquí quién lo vio
El futuro se vistió con el traje nuevo del emperador

V, Vetusta Morla

Lo Que Te Hace Grande, Vetusta Morla

Vetusta Morla - Lo Que Te Hace Grande lyrics
Tal vez lo que te hace grande lyrics
Y en el vaivén de planes sin marcar
Cae sobre ti la bomba universal
Viene hacia aquí me atrae como un imán
Que te pueda hacer caer aunque tiren a dar

V, Vetusta Morla

El Hombre Del Saco, Vetusta Morla

Vetusta Morla - El Hombre Del Saco lyrics
Puestos a pedir ya no dan abasto
Puestos a pedir que alguien baje y llene el saco
Voy a hacer en tu honor inventarios de pánico
Vendedores de shock para inviernos sabáticos

S, Symphony Of Science

The quantum world, Symphony Of Science

Symphony Of Science - The quantum world lyrics
No they don't exactly
Than anything big
It's a world of probabilities

I, Illdisposed

Step Into My Winter, Illdisposed

Illdisposed - Step Into My Winter lyrics
Just do this- you shouldn't think
Don't need to promise me anything lyrics
Be a witness to my decay
Of evil destruction - you feed from my veins

I, Illdisposed

Sunday Black, Illdisposed

Illdisposed - Sunday Black lyrics
And you depend on me - it's what you can
Twisting turning slave of me (I pay the bill) lyrics
You'll never sail this boat of evil will
Now and forever
Of innocence and mockery

F, Final Sacrifice

Curse, Final Sacrifice

Final Sacrifice - Curse lyrics
Curse Upon Your Name
From This Day Until The End lyrics
Beg For Forgivness Or
Die Alone In Pain
About Your Empty Words

F, Final Sacrifice

Aspirations, Final Sacrifice

Final Sacrifice - Aspirations lyrics
For Your One Last Breath
Go And Brace Yourself lyrics
Or Is It Just Feeding Greed?
Is It Reflecting Beauty?
Look Into Mirror

F, Final Sacrifice

Endeavours, Final Sacrifice

Final Sacrifice - Endeavours lyrics
Tells Me Not To Give Up
A Spark In Your Eyes lyrics
Tell Us Who We Are
Our Endeavours

F, Final Sacrifice

Send Forth Your Hope, Final Sacrifice

Final Sacrifice - Send Forth Your Hope lyrics
Where This Life Will Tell
And Only Time Will Tell
Release Me From This Day lyrics
Until will Be Safe
Till It Will Be Safe To Say

P, Poisonblack

Futile Man, Poisonblack

Poisonblack - Futile Man lyrics
I am what I am a futile man
And till the end I'll deny that there's meaning behind
Until the end I'll deny that there's sense in this life
The time is nigh
won't erase the stench of them dead

F, Final Sacrifice

Slain By Winter, Final Sacrifice

Final Sacrifice - Slain By Winter lyrics
In This Cold Winter
Slain By Winter
And Pray For Your God's Grace
We Are The Damned
And If We Fail

M, Miichan

Phalaenopsis, Miichan

Miichan - Phalaenopsis lyrics
Aishite aisare aishite gururi
Yubiwa no chikai de zetsubou e
Aa aishikata wa tojita kokoro no naka dake ni ikiru boku no kioku
Aa ochiru namida wa "anata" no tenohira no ue de kuzureru yume no hazama
"Jo kete" lyrics

C, Chelsea Wolfe

Pale on Pale, Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe - Pale on Pale lyrics
When the light in your eyes goes out for the last time
When your mind is open
When your hands are tied pale on pale and mind on mind
When your body is swollen with blood and ocean floor is swollen with sun

T, Timeflies

Shades Of Grey, Timeflies

Timeflies - Shades Of Grey lyrics
I’m seein' shades of gray
And I used to be so superhuman but it seems I lost my cape
How could I be that I’m livin' so great externally when life’s burnin' me and internally
And I’ll put on a clinic I can see that you’re a cynic
Now I tried to exercise my demons but they’ve gotten out of shape

L, Lala Band

Lala Love, Lala Band

Lala Band - Lala Love lyrics
Move it feel it drop it take it push it spin it all around lyrics
Come and sing my la la la song
La la la la la la la la love
Flip it bring it learn it teach it live it sing it give a sound!
And not your mo mo mo money lyrics


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