Antonia lyrics

T, Tom Boxer feat. Antonia

Morena, Tom Boxer feat. Antonia

Tom Boxer feat. Antonia - Morena lyrics
You say goodbye
Why oh why you don't love me and
Boy you set my heart on fire
I say Morena Morena Morena
If you leave me I will make you cry


A, Antonia

Hurricane, Antonia

Antonia - Hurricane lyrics
Our love is like a hurricane
Call me up and just stop this feeling
Cause love is like a hurricane
I’ll fight for you every single day
Got it swirling round in my brain


N, Nightcore

Marionette, Nightcore

Nightcore - Marionette lyrics
Baby I’m not holding back
I wanna be your puppet on a string lyrics
We can do anything
And even if I’m crazy is cause you make me this way
We’re as close to love as we’ll ever get lyrics

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