Earl i ja i umierająca dziewczyna lyrics

M, Milky Chance

Stolen Dance, Milky Chance

Milky Chance - Stolen Dance lyrics
Shouldn't talk about it
I want you by my side
We can bring it on the floor
We don't talk about it
Dancin' on doin' the boogie all night long

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T, The Lumineers

Big Parade, The Lumineers

The Lumineers - Big Parade lyrics
Lovely girl won't you stay won't you stay stay with me
All my life I was blind I was blind now I see
And oh my my oh hey hey

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C, Cat Stevens

Trouble, Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens - Trouble lyrics
Now won´t you leave me in my misery
Too shocking to see
So won´t you be fair
Hangin´on me

B, Brian Eno

Golden Hours, Brian Eno

Brian Eno - Golden Hours lyrics
Watching the signs
Taking over from the fading day
Several times lyrics
I've seen the evening slide away
Changing water into wine

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B, Brian Eno

Dead Finks don't talk, Brian Eno

Brian Eno - Dead Finks don't talk lyrics
More fool me bless my soul
I never got a letter back lyrics
My my they wanted the works can you this and that
I've been ever so sad for a very long time
'Cos I failed both tests with my legs both tied

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