FIFA 09 lyrics

T, The Veronicas

Untouched, The Veronicas

The Veronicas - Untouched lyrics
That I just can't resist you
And I want you so much
It's not enough to say that I miss you
I feel so untouched right now
Been going crazy from the moment I meet you

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D, Duffy

Mercy, Duffy

Duffy - Mercy lyrics
I'm begging you for mercy
why won't you release me
You got me begging
You got me begging you for mercy
but you do it well

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Kids, MGMT

MGMT - Kids lyrics
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanting
Control yourself
To be haunted
Memories fade

L, Lykke Li

I'm good, I'm gone, Lykke Li

Lykke Li - I'm good, I'm gone lyrics
Working in the corner
If you say there ain't no way that I could know
If you say I aim too high from down below
Well say you're not 'cause when I'm gone
Peeking over shoulders

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S, Sam Sparro

Black And Gold, Sam Sparro

Sam Sparro - Black And Gold lyrics
Black and gold
'Cause if you're not
Really here
Now i'm filled
But it's all


K, Kasabian

Fast fuse, Kasabian

Kasabian - Fast fuse lyrics
I got no time to love just a city to abuse
Oh baby I was born with a fast fuse
Heaven may come and heaven may call but I won't be there
Gold lighting in the sky
Gold lighting in the skyline lyrics


T, The Script

The End Where I Begin, The Script

The Script - The End Where I Begin lyrics
It's the end where I begin
Wanted rain on me
Well I'm soaked lyrics
Well I'm choked
Soaked to the skin

F, Foals

Olympic Airways, Foals

Foals - Olympic Airways lyrics
Last vacation was the same
We got moved away
Dis-a-ppe-ar ar ar ar!


T, The Ting Tings

Keep Your Head, The Ting Tings

The Ting Tings - Keep Your Head lyrics
Ten minutes to go
It don't feel clear lyrics
And the air
Everybody disappear

S, Soprano

Victory (Fifa 09), Soprano

Soprano - Victory (Fifa 09) lyrics
Pour atteindre mon objectif je suis pret a mourir VICTORY
Il suffit d'un moment (ohh) il suffit de rien (ohh)
Pour arriver à ma VICTORY
Quoi qu'il arrive aujourd'hui je suis pret a la vivre VICTORY
Quoi qu'il arrive aujourd'hui je suis pret a la vivre ma VICTORY

D, Damian Marley

One Loaf Of Bread, Damian Marley

Damian Marley - One Loaf Of Bread lyrics
Get upon ya head Poor people there is something for you lyrics
There is something for you dont let the pressures of the system
Mankind cares not for his sisters anymore still there is something for you!
Christ fed the multitude wid only one loaf a bread! Poor people
Blessed be da man wey walketh not inna de war zone lyrics

L, Ladytron

Runaway, Ladytron

Ladytron - Runaway lyrics
Where you
Waking up today
My little runaway
When you feel
Gonna sleep today lyrics

R, Reverend and The Makers

Open Your Window, Reverend and The Makers

Reverend and The Makers - Open Your Window lyrics
Won't you let her out
The one you can't be without
Open your window
Wave goodbye to the butterfly lyrics
Won't you set her free

T, The Fratellis

Tell me a lie, The Fratellis

The Fratellis - Tell me a lie lyrics
Write your number on my telephone bill
I could be your beggar but I´d rather be just as cruel lyrics
Say what you want to say what you will
Walk like a monkey kick like a mule
And the boy cried hang him at three

J, Junkie XL

Mad Pursuit, Junkie XL

Junkie XL - Mad Pursuit lyrics
Recklessly in pursuit of you
(behind you)
Track you like a hound
Catch you on the fly
(fast pacing)


C, Cut Copy

Lights And Music, Cut Copy

Cut Copy - Lights And Music lyrics
Be my baby
One more time
Are on my mind
Lights and music
Making new way

N, Najwajean

Drive Me, Najwajean

Najwajean - Drive Me lyrics
Twist me after the beginning I’m twisted
This is how I feel
This is how I need
I will not give it back
Don’t need to touch you if you’re seating in front

U, Ungdomskulen

Modern Drummer, Ungdomskulen

Ungdomskulen - Modern Drummer lyrics
so please don't lose your flow
clouds unite as your drums grow loud
all those drum-mags you will let them know
lightning strikes each time you play your flat 4/5 5/9 lyrics
with both your hands tied tightly behind your arched back

C, Curumin

Magrela Fever, Curumin

Curumin - Magrela Fever lyrics
É fever na Magrela!
Acendendo as idéias
(Ah) põe sebo nas canelas
Riso sinto o mel na mente

R, Radiopilot

Fahrrad, Radiopilot

Radiopilot - Fahrrad lyrics
Und ich stehe an der Ampel sehe auf zu den Sternen
Und wir fahren mit dem Fahrrad um den Platz
Dabei frage ich mich selbst: was wäre wenn es dieses Fahrrad gar nicht gibt
Dabei frage ich mich selbst: was wäre wenn es uns doch gar nicht gibt
Du wirst ein Held sein lyrics

T, Tom Jones

Feels Like Music, Tom Jones

Tom Jones - Feels Like Music lyrics
Feels like music
Pumpin' trough your veins
All around the world
Like you ain't never heard
Girl in a rock and roll band

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