Julia lyrics

L, Lenka

Trouble Is A Friend, Lenka

Lenka - Trouble Is A Friend lyrics
Trouble is a friend yeah
Trouble is a friend of mine
Oh oh
He's gotta play a part
He's there in my heart


M, Michael Boddy

Wrong Kind, Michael Boddy

Michael Boddy - Wrong Kind lyrics
I've tried so hard but yet I find
And it's a shame hell it's a crime
I fall in love with the wrong kind
Myself in love with the wrong kind

B, Brice Davoli

Stay with me (Valerie Deniz), Brice Davoli

Brice Davoli - Stay with me (Valerie Deniz) lyrics
Could you stay? (Stay with me)
Will you stay? (Stay with me) lyrics
To me they sound like a lullaby
The beauty of a shooting star
Better win the moon is far

, ,

A, Amir Aly

We have it all feat. Henrik Wikstrom, Amir Aly

Amir Aly - We have it all  feat.   Henrik Wikstrom lyrics
We have it all
This love is made for us too
Let's be together forever and ever
It can take you a lifetime to find
Nothing can break it no one replace it

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