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S, Selena Gomez

Tell Me Something I Don't Know, Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez - Tell Me Something I Don't Know lyrics
Somethin' I don't know somethin' I don't know
Tell me tell me tell me somethin' I don't know
What it takes to make you smile?
How many inches in a mile?
Betcha not to treat me like a child baby

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S, Selena Gomez

New Classic feat. Drew Seeley, Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez - New Classic  feat. Drew Seeley lyrics
When you own that floor
You look so classic fantastic
You're the new classic
You're the new PYT
Bring the beat back once more

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S, Selena Gomez

Bang A Drum, Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez - Bang A Drum lyrics
Bang A Drum
CHORUS lyrics
I'm all dizzy when you're here with me
Gotta Bang A Drum(Turn it up)
Move to the beat of

D, Drew Seeley

Just That Girl, Drew Seeley

Drew Seeley - Just That Girl lyrics
Just that girl
She knows she's just that girl
That girl
Her style is crazy she's a dime
She's just that girl


T, Tiffany Giardina

Hurry Up and Save Me, Tiffany Giardina

Tiffany Giardina - Hurry Up and Save Me lyrics
I just wanna feel alive
And I do when I'm with you
Hurry up and save me (Save me)
Hurry up and save me (x4)
Show me your colors

T, Tiffany Giardina

No Average Angel, Tiffany Giardina

Tiffany Giardina - No Average Angel lyrics
I'm no average angel
You think you need the latest drama queen
Making a scene
An air brushed model on the silver screen
Why can't you see

M, Marcus Paulk

1st Class Girl (ft. Drew Seeley), Marcus Paulk

Marcus Paulk - 1st Class Girl (ft. Drew Seeley) lyrics
I need a first class chic
Man you now that she's gonna be fly
And the one that I pick
you could be that lady

S, Small Change

Don't Be Shy, Small Change

Small Change - Don't Be Shy lyrics
Let me see you over here
We can do this all night
If you wanna get with this
Don't be scared
Dip with it dip with it and pick you up with it

D, Drew Seeley

X-plain it to my heart, Drew Seeley

Drew Seeley - X-plain it to my heart lyrics
Explain it to my heart
(to my heart)
Cause I just don't wanna hear why your leavin'
Baby that just don't wanna hear that thought

J, Jane Lynch

Hold 4 You, Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch - Hold 4 You lyrics
For an hour or two on hold for you
(Still that music's playing)
I keep pushing number one and two
(I hear that music playing)
Operator just put me through

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