Kości (sezon 5) lyrics

S, Seal

Kiss from a rose, Seal

Seal - Kiss from a rose lyrics
And the light that you shine can be seen?
My eyes become large
But did you know that when it snows
I've been kissed by a rose on the gray
So much he can say

, ,

J, Jason Walker

Won't Stop Getting Better, Jason Walker

Jason Walker - Won't Stop Getting Better lyrics
It won’t stop getting better lyrics
How did it get so easy
It’s just perfect time
As every single star alights lyrics

D, Dryer

Seen enough, Dryer

Dryer - Seen enough lyrics
Always on
Go home your heart’s too loud
It’s no surprise that all the things
Temptation wears you out
I like are making me a ghost lyrics

B, Bucketheads

The Bomb, Bucketheads

Bucketheads - The Bomb lyrics
These sounds fall into my mind

B, Bear Lake

One Beats Three, Bear Lake

Bear Lake - One Beats Three lyrics
Broke apart and then you face Wandering back into place
Falling in to Outerspace Steppin back and then retrace
I like to think a light will shine through And only wait for fate to follow you lyrics
It's alright falling apart too Might know I can't see there what I can't prove
Don't know who? Don't know who?

T, The Bird and The Bee

What's in the middle, The Bird and The Bee

The Bird and The Bee - What's in the middle lyrics
I wanna fall behind
And not a get in line for a long long long time lyrics
I want an empty head
I wanna go to bed for a long long long time
If you say it all the time a dirty word will get its cleaning

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