Macklemore lyrics

L, Lindsey Stirling

Thrift Shop, Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling - Thrift Shop lyrics
I'm gonna pop some tags only got $20 in my pocket!
This is something awesome
I wear your grandad's clothes
I'm I'm I'ma huntin looking for a come up
I'm in this big old coat from the thrift store down the road


M, Macklemore

Cowboy Boots, Macklemore

Macklemore - Cowboy Boots lyrics
[Hook x2]
Grow a moustache pick up another bad habit and let the games begin lyrics
[Verse 2]
So here's to the nights dancing with the band
I fantasize about a second win


A, Ariana Grande

Thrift Shop (Cover) (feat. Jimmy Fallon), Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande - Thrift Shop (Cover) (feat. Jimmy Fallon) lyrics
I - I - I'm hunting looking for a come-up
This is f****** awesome oh lyrics
Only got twenty dollars in my pocket
I said I'm gonna pop some tags
What what what what?

Y, Y-Titty

Thrift Shop (Parodie), Y-Titty

Y-Titty - Thrift Shop (Parodie) lyrics
Wir haben zwar viel Geld aber auf arm machen ist jetzt cooler
Mal ehrlich Berlin hat uns mit Hipstern beglückt lyrics
Sie schlagen niemand auf die Fresse und sie bringen sich nicht um
Ne Beziehung wie Mainstream bist du verrückt?
Wir verabreden uns bei mir zuhause um die Ecke
Alternativer Sex Zigarette?


R, R5

Thrift Shop (Cover), R5

R5 - Thrift Shop (Cover) lyrics
This is fucking awesome
I-I-I'm huntin' lookin' for a come-up
Only got twenty dolars in my pocket
I’m gonna pop some tags
I'll wear your grand dad's clothes


Y, Youtube Rewind

What Does 2013 Say, Youtube Rewind

Youtube Rewind - What Does 2013 Say lyrics
We’re up all night to get lucky We’re up all night to get lucky
I’m a mother father gentleman
Ah I’m a
So we put our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us
Here we go back This is the moment

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