Prawo Agaty (sezon 2) lyrics

R, Rihanna

California King Bed, Rihanna

Rihanna - California King Bed lyrics
My California king
We're ten thousand miles apart
For your heart for me
In this California king bed

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I, Imany

You will never know, Imany

Imany - You will never know lyrics
I will never show
You will never know
What I feel what I need from you no
No no no no you'll never know
What I feel what I need from you

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N, Nelly Furtado

Try, Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado - Try lyrics
Then I see you standing there
Wanting more from me lyrics
And all I can do is try
All of the things we want each other to be
(each other to be)

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F, Florence And The Machine

Spectrum, Florence And The Machine

Florence And The Machine - Spectrum lyrics
Say my name!
We are shining!
And we’ll never be afraid again!
As every colour illuminates!
And every colour illuminates

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E, Ellie Goulding

I Know You Care, Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding - I Know You Care lyrics
I know you care lyrics
But there is trouble ahead I can feel it
I know it is always been there
You were just saving yourself when you hide it
As if there was trouble ahead and you knew it

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T, Triggerfinger

I Follow Rivers, Triggerfinger

Triggerfinger - I Follow Rivers lyrics
I follow you
I I follow I follow you dark doom honey
I I follow I follow you deep sea baby
You're my river running high run deep run wild
He's a message I'm the runner


S, Stanisław Sojka

Love is crazy, Stanisław Sojka

Stanisław Sojka - Love is crazy lyrics
love is crazy
see the moon is shining brightly
and before it turns into the morning sun
we don't need to talk about it
anything could happen baby

A, Anita Lipnicka & John Porter

Nobody Else, Anita Lipnicka & John Porter

Anita Lipnicka & John Porter - Nobody Else lyrics
What you believe is your choice
And it shines just for you
There’s nobody else
Look at the Sun – it’s so bright!
It’s your life so come on!

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P, Phil Buckle

Hold On, Phil Buckle

Phil Buckle - Hold On lyrics
That's how many times I loved you
Just let the distance fade
Hold on
We will soon be there
Hold on stare into the night and count the stars

Y, Yannick Bovy

Theoretical Love, Yannick Bovy

Yannick Bovy - Theoretical Love lyrics
Theoretical love
Let's make something real
We got a good thing going on lyrics
It doesn't make any sense at all
Is this how you feel?

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