Przepis na życie lyrics

C, Caro Emerald

A Night Like This, Caro Emerald

Caro Emerald - A Night Like This lyrics
I may never see a night like this
I cannot believe it
Have you ever dreamed a night like this?
when everything you think is incomplete
when you are cheek to cheek

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O, Oceana

As sweet as you, Oceana

Oceana - As sweet as you lyrics
As sweet as you
All of the sweets in the world could do
There’s nothing so sweet and so true
Sweet as you
But all I have would be a better yay

N, Norah Jones

More Than This, Norah Jones

Norah Jones - More Than This lyrics
More than this
There is nothing lyrics
You tell me one thing
There was no way of knowing
Oh more than this

R, Rox

My Baby Left Me, Rox

Rox - My Baby Left Me lyrics
My baby left me
He didn't do nothing right
My baby left my sad
Oh yeh
My baby left me so dry to the bone

P, Parov Stelar

Booty Swing, Parov Stelar

Parov Stelar - Booty Swing lyrics
Let's swing it like Amelican's swing swing dance!"
Wink behind their peacock fans
They truck down the Romany road
With their hi-de-hos and their hey-hey-diddle
Doin' the swing on the Gypsy fiddle


T, Tom Jones

If he should ever leave you, Tom Jones

Tom Jones - If he should ever leave you lyrics
It would be a crime to ever let you go
He should be inclined to keep you very close
No one else compares you’re a cut above the rest
He’d be such a fool if he should ever leave you
Your captivating eyes

B, Ben L'Oncle Soul

Soulman, Ben L'Oncle Soul

Ben L'Oncle Soul - Soulman lyrics
Loin de là
J' suis pas un superman
Juste moi mes délires
J' n'ai rien d'autre à offrir
Mais je sais qu'en vrai c'est déjà ça

A, Amos Lee

Sweet pea, Amos Lee

Amos Lee - Sweet pea lyrics
You’re the only reason I keep on coming home
Sweet pea
But I never think before I see
I’m trying to stay humble
Keeper of my soul lyrics

J, Jose Feliciano

Light My Fire, Jose Feliciano

Jose Feliciano - Light My Fire lyrics
Come on baby light my fire
Try to set the night on fire
Try now we can only lose
And our love become a funeral pyre
Try to set the night on fire yeah

G, Gabin (feat.Mia Cooper)

Lost And Found, Gabin (feat.Mia Cooper)

Gabin (feat.Mia Cooper) - Lost And Found lyrics
Those lost and found
Waiting till the world to play him come back to land
The all jets in
The pratical
The first of all

C, Charlie Hunter & Norah Jones

Fool That I Am, Charlie Hunter & Norah Jones

Charlie Hunter & Norah Jones - Fool That I Am lyrics
Waiting for him just to come home
Fool that I am I live all alone
This will be the day that we meet
All my friends say "let him go
I always say I know I know

S, Sabrina Starke

Sunny Days, Sabrina Starke

Sabrina Starke - Sunny Days lyrics
Don’t let it slip away lyrics
Like the joy of tasting to drop brains
Like the promise of tomorrow and today
So cease those sunny days

R, Ronald Dunlap & Scott Nickoley & Stephen Lang

So much love, Ronald Dunlap & Scott Nickoley & Stephen Lang

Ronald Dunlap & Scott Nickoley & Stephen Lang - So much love lyrics
They broth me you you broth me love
I held the stars above lyrics
Can dreams come true?
Every day found you
So much love

L, Lena Horne

A Fine Romance, Lena Horne

Lena Horne - A Fine Romance lyrics
This is a fine romance
At least they flap their fins lyrics
In the Arctic Ocean
To express emotion
You're calmer than the seals

S, Sinead O'Connor

Secret love, Sinead O'Connor

Sinead O'Connor - Secret love lyrics
an open door
the golden daffodils
from the highest hill
Now I shout it
no secret anymore

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