Randka z gwiazdą lyrics

S, Sterling Knight

Hero, Sterling Knight

Sterling Knight - Hero lyrics
I'll be your hero
Could you be the one? /x2
Could you be the one for me?
Like gravity I'll be unstoppable
I yeah I believe in destiny

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S, Sterling Knight

What You Mean To Me, Sterling Knight

Sterling Knight - What You Mean To Me lyrics
What you mean to me
I want the world to see
Gonna make that mistake again
I hope you understand
Here I am with all my heart

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S, Sterling Knight

Starstruck, Sterling Knight

Sterling Knight - Starstruck lyrics
Live the dream as a team
All the fancy cars
Desingner sunglasses

S, Sterling Knight

Shades, Sterling Knight

Sterling Knight - Shades lyrics
Anybody any time for action
Youre the main attraction
See the cameras flashing
Thats right Im in my shades
No you cant meet me

S, Sterling Knight

Got to Believe, Sterling Knight

Sterling Knight - Got to Believe lyrics
Let it set me free
There ain't no other way
I can feel it save me move me shake me
Gotta go where the music sings to me
You got to believe

S, Sterling Knight & Anna Margeret

Something About The Sunshine, Sterling Knight & Anna Margeret

Sterling Knight & Anna Margeret - Something About The Sunshine lyrics
I'm seeing you in a whole new light
There's something about the sunshine baby
And it's a breeze with the palm trees swaying
Oh its alright
There's something about the sunshine

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A, Anna Margaret

Something About Sunshine, Anna Margaret

Anna Margaret - Something About Sunshine lyrics
I'm seein you in the whole new light
There is something about the sunshine baby
Oooh it's arlight
And he's a breeze with the palm tree swaying
When I see you smile I always feel at home

M, Mitchel Musso

Welcome To Hollywood, Mitchel Musso

Mitchel Musso - Welcome To Hollywood lyrics
Welcome to hollywood
Just got a grip on how to get around
Boy you better live it up before it brings you down
You only think about you (think about you)
i wouldn't change it if i could

A, Anna Margaret

New Boyfriend, Anna Margaret

Anna Margaret - New Boyfriend lyrics
I need a new boyfriend
Always keeps a smile on my face lyrics
Someone who appreciates
Treats me like a superstar
Na na na na na lyrics

B, Brandon Mychal Smith

Party Up, Brandon Mychal Smith

Brandon Mychal Smith - Party Up lyrics
(party up)
Party up
Ain't no break til mornin'
Till the lights come on

J, Jasmine Sagginario

Make a movie, Jasmine Sagginario

Jasmine Sagginario - Make a movie lyrics
Gotta make a movie of it
We're movin' and groovin'
Dancing moving makes the room ignite
You do it then we'll view it
I gotta gotta and that's why I gotta make a movie of it

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