Roswell: W kręgu tajemnic lyrics

D, Dido

Here With Me, Dido

Dido - Here With Me lyrics
Until you're resting here with me
I won't sleep
I won't leave
I can't hide
I cannot be

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N, Nelly Furtado

I'm like a bird, Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado - I'm like a bird lyrics
I don't know where my home is
I don't know where my soul is
I'm like a bird
I only fly away
(and baby all I need for you to know is)

G, Godsmack

Voodoo, Godsmack

Godsmack - Voodoo lyrics
I'm not the one who's so far away
I'm coming back again
Breathe in breathe in
Why my thoughts aren't so clear
Find my shade by the moonlight


C, Coldplay

Brothers and sisters, Coldplay

Coldplay - Brothers and sisters lyrics
It's the time of your lives
Some more
Brothers and sisters unite
And sometimes you'll feel
They're looking for

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S, Stereophonics

Have a nice day, Stereophonics

Stereophonics - Have a nice day lyrics
Have a nice day
So have a nice day
We've all become the same
We dress the same ways
Only our accents change lyrics


S, Sense Field

Save Yourself, Sense Field

Sense Field - Save Yourself lyrics
cherish your name
could you save yourself for someone who loves you for you loves me for me
give it away to someone who someone who will cherish your name
so many times we just give it away to someone who couldn't even remember your name
i want to learn how you save yourself for someone who loves you for you lyrics

I, Ivy

Edge Of The Ocean, Ivy

Ivy - Edge Of The Ocean lyrics
At the edge of the ocean
We can start over again
Ohhh we can begin again
Shed our skin let the sun shine in
Somewhere far away from home lyrics

S, Sheryl Crow

I Shall Believe, Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow - I Shall Believe lyrics
And I shall believe
That not everything is gonna be the way
It seems like every time I try to make it right
You think it ought to be
It all comes down on me

T, Travis

More Than Us, Travis

Travis - More Than Us lyrics
I But it's more
And everybody calls it love
Not anymore
More than us
And it's more than


Free, VAST

VAST - Free lyrics
You can't tell me what to do anymore
It's time to be what I need to be
Nothing to win nothing to lose
Now I'm free now I'm free now I'm free
Everything that holds me down

G, Gomez

We Haven't Turned Around, Gomez

Gomez - We Haven't Turned Around lyrics
So you wanna spin the world around?
I got some time
And anybody else cut 'em down
So you wanna make catastrophe?
Don't you send it right over to me

A, Ash

Shining Light, Ash

Ash - Shining Light lyrics
Yeah you are a shining light
Yeah you light up my life
Brought by dark divine intervention
A constellation once seen
Over Royal David's city

D, David Gray

My Oh My, David Gray

David Gray - My Oh My lyrics
To keep your heart from freezing
It takes a lotta love
But its not enough lyrics
My oh my it just dont stop
To push on till the end

P, Poloroid

Silence, Poloroid

Poloroid - Silence lyrics
(Silence) Should I pack away all my possessions
(Silence) And the only thing that tells me where I should be
Got tired of loving you a long time ago
Lost sight of being here a long time ago
(Silence) Silence breeds contempt in me

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