Szalona impreza lyrics

G, Guns N' Roses

Paradise City, Guns N' Roses

Guns  N' Roses - Paradise City lyrics
Take me down
To the Paradise City
And the girls are pretty
Where the grass is green
Oh won't you please take me home

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D, Dog's Eye View

Umbrella, Dog's Eye View

Dog's Eye View - Umbrella lyrics
I had the sun in my hands
you've got your umbrella in my way again
I've been falling like the rain--
Did I scare you off by being honest?
but I gave it all away

M, Matthew Sweet

Farther Down, Matthew Sweet

Matthew Sweet - Farther Down lyrics
something takes my pain away
where you never have to know lyrics
just something something takes my pain away
farther down I'm desperate for you
farther down I'm still without a clue lyrics

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