Szkoła Uczuć lyrics

M, Mandy Moore

Only hope, Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore - Only hope lyrics
I pray to be only yours
And pray to be only yours
I know now you're my only hope
So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands

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M, Mandy Moore

Cry, Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore - Cry lyrics
The moment I saw you cry
That forever was in your eyes
All your feelings so deep inside (deep inside)
(Cry the moment that I saw you cry)
I'll always remember

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S, Switchfoot

You, Switchfoot

Switchfoot - You lyrics
It's in You
There's always something in the way
It's You
It's all I know /x3
There's always something getting through

T, Toploader

Dancing in the moonlight, Toploader

Toploader - Dancing in the moonlight lyrics
everybody's dancing in the moonlight
everybody's feeling warm and bright
it's such a fine and natural sight lyrics
dancing in the moonlight
it's a supernatural delight

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M, Mandy Moore

Someday We'll Know, Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore - Someday We'll Know lyrics
[Both] Someday we’ll know
Someday we’ll know
Why I wasn’t meant for you
Oh Someday we’ll know
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

M, Mandy Moore

It's gonna be, Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore - It's gonna be lyrics
It’s gonna be real
It’s gonna be sad
It’s gonna be true
It’s gonna be me baby
It’s gonna be more then I can take

S, Switchfoot

I dare you to move, Switchfoot

Switchfoot - I dare you to move lyrics
I dare you to move
Where you gonna go?
Between how it is and how it should be
Between who you are and you could be lyrics
The tension is here

S, Switchfoot

Learning to breathe, Switchfoot

Switchfoot - Learning to breathe lyrics
So this is the way that I say I need You
I never never thought that
Yesterday left my head kicked in
Hello good morning how you been? lyrics
I would fall like that

R, Rachel Lampa

If You Believe, Rachel Lampa

Rachel Lampa - If You Believe lyrics
There is nothing in the world that cannot be
There’s one that’s waiting there for you
If you believe that dreams come true lyrics
If you believe
Then it can’t escape your love

C, Cold

No One, Cold

Cold - No One lyrics
No one got left here
I'm all alone
Well I'm fine
But I'm fine
No one was sent to get me

N, New Radicals

Mother we can't get enough, New Radicals

New Radicals - Mother we can't get enough lyrics
There's something about you
Money please lyrics
We just cant get enough
We just gotta get it up

S, Shane West

So what does it all mean, Shane West

Shane West - So what does it all mean lyrics
I'll get my chance to ask you out
That one day when he is gone
My colorful life
And then I'll show my colorful life
What does it all mean?

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