Szkoła Uwodzenia lyrics

P, Placebo

Every You Every Me, Placebo

Placebo - Every You Every Me lyrics
Every me and every you
Every Mehe
Cuz there's nothing else to do
It's only comfort calling late
Like the naked leads the blind

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S, Skunk Anansie

Secretly, Skunk Anansie

Skunk Anansie - Secretly lyrics
Instead of here with me
You're talking out so sexually
'bout boys and girls and your friggin' dreams
Bloody hard when I'm raw

C, Craig Armstrong

This Love, Craig Armstrong

Craig Armstrong - This Love lyrics
This love
Doesn't have to say love
Doesn't need to be love lyrics
Doesn't mean a thing
This strange love (strange love)

B, Blur

Coffee And TV, Blur

Blur - Coffee And TV lyrics
Ohwe could start over again
And I'm braindead virtually lyrics
I'm goin' blind
I've seen so much
It's hard enough for me lyrics

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K, Kristen Barry

Ordinary Life, Kristen Barry

Kristen Barry - Ordinary Life lyrics
It'll be alright it will be fine
As we settle in it's written in the stars
So I show you my sins show me all your scars
Cause it's nothing more than ordinary life lyrics
Your watery eyes got me send me floating

F, Faithless

Addictive, Faithless

Faithless - Addictive lyrics
I'm addicted
Change around the words that you say to suit me fine
Listen to the voice of your head lyrics
Take a rest
Make them mine

A, Aimee Mann

You Could Make A Killing, Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann - You Could Make A Killing lyrics
Oh you can make a killing
Oh you could make a killing
Or I could make a killing
Or stay right here and save myself some trouble
I could follow you and search the rubble


B, Bare Jr.

You Blew Me Off, Bare Jr.

Bare Jr. - You Blew Me Off lyrics
You blew me off
You blew me off (it turned me on)
You don't understand you see
I like you less
When you turn to hug me

M, Marcy Playground

Comin' up From Behind, Marcy Playground

Marcy Playground - Comin' up From Behind lyrics
comin up from behind
comin up from comin up
She's comin up from behind
She's comin up from

D, Day One

Bedroom Dancing, Day One

Day One - Bedroom Dancing lyrics
It’ll be alright
She said "what about tonight???
Trust me baby it’ll be alright"
And so we danced and danced and danced and danced and danced
I said "what about tomorrow??" lyrics

A, Abra Moore

Trip On Love, Abra Moore

Abra Moore - Trip On Love lyrics
Do you trip on love
When you kiss someone
Do you make it tragic
Do you start to panic lyrics
When your word comes out

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