The Tomorrow People lyrics

J, John Newman

Love me again, John Newman

John Newman - Love me again lyrics
Can you love me again?
I need to know now know now
Do this again do this again
I told you once I can't
There's nothing I can't do

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M, Metro Station

Shake it, Metro Station

Metro Station - Shake it lyrics
Will you touch her like that? lyrics
Now if she touches like this
Will you do it like that?
Now if she moves like this lyrics
Come on shake shake

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T, Timbaland

Morning After Dark, Timbaland

Timbaland - Morning After Dark lyrics
In the morning after
When the cats come out the vamps come out to play yeah
In the morning after dark
The dawn is here be gone be on your way yeah

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L, London Grammar

Hey Now, London Grammar

London Grammar - Hey Now lyrics
you know it is frightening
you know it's like lightning
hey now hey now
hey now now hey now now lyrics
hey now

T, The Burned

Make Believe, The Burned

The Burned - Make Believe lyrics
'Cause that's the way you play the game of life
Just to serve what they believe in
Who's to give everything
You create the world you want to see outside lyrics
And remember what it's like to play God

N, NoNoNo

Like The Wind, NoNoNo

NoNoNo - Like The Wind lyrics
Woooah ooh
ref: I felt it coming it's blowing all strong
I know I got to Woooah ooh (x2) lyrics
pre-ref: Like the wind (x6)
I like the woooah

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F, Flume

What You Need, Flume

Flume  - What You Need lyrics
Oh lie
Oh God what you need
We need to love you
Loosing your remain


B, Betty Who

Somebody Loves You, Betty Who

Betty Who - Somebody Loves You lyrics
Ooh somebody loves you
Somebody wants to hear you say
Somebody misses you when you’re away
They wanna wake up with you everyday
When I’m around

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H, Halo Stereo

In A Stranger's Arms, Halo Stereo

Halo Stereo - In A Stranger's Arms lyrics
When you’re on the street does your heart agree?
Do you feel no harm in a stranger’s arms?
Come on and tell me lyrics
But I have to know…
And you feel unharmed in a stranger’s arms

Z, Zero 7

Don't Call It Love, Zero 7

Zero 7 - Don't Call It Love lyrics
Don't call it love
Call it a yearning
But don't call it love
Call it a sweet dream
Call it a longing

T, The Districts

Funeral Beds, The Districts

The Districts - Funeral Beds lyrics
Oh no no
Oh my Savannah
These great fields are stretching
I'm struggling and I'm stumbling
Cause the plain they took my baby

T, The Chain Gang of 1974

Miko, The Chain Gang of 1974

The Chain Gang of 1974 - Miko lyrics
We’re throwing rocks off a cliffside
I wish you well
As we grow old you’ll live on
Never saw your face again lyrics
I wondered if you even knew my name

S, Sarah Blasko

Not Yet, Sarah Blasko

Sarah Blasko - Not Yet lyrics
Not yet
I'm not ready yet
I promise now I won't call for you
I've found a love I've found a home lyrics
No longer lost no longer alone

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