Tupac: Zmartwychwstanie lyrics

K, Kate Bush

Wuthering Heights, Kate Bush

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights lyrics
Heathcliff it's me your Cathy I've come home
I'm so cold let me in your window
Ooh let me have it let me grab your soul away
Wuthering Heights
My one dream my only master

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Pozostali, 2Pac

I Get Around, 2Pac

2Pac - I Get Around lyrics
[Shock G]
And don't mistake my statement for a clown
But it's a Monday my day so just let me hit it yo
We can keep in the down low long as you know that I get around

Pozostali, 2Pac

Panther Power, 2Pac

2Pac - Panther Power lyrics
Panther power
They kept my answer shackled up in slavery
Fathers of our country never cared for me

Pozostali, 2Pac

Rebel Of The Underground, 2Pac

2Pac - Rebel Of The Underground lyrics
2pac is a rebel: rebel of the underground
(Rebel) He's a rebel: rebel of the underground
But I never let it get me lyrics
I just make another record 'bout the punks tryin to sweat me

W, Whitney Houston

America the Beautiful, Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston - America the Beautiful lyrics
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
O beautiful for patriot dream
Undimmed by human tears!
Across the wilderness!

D, Digital Underground

Same Song, Digital Underground

Digital Underground - Same Song lyrics
[Humpty Hump]
[Shock G]
Chorus: repeat 3X
just like butter my ryhmes are legit
hypothetical political lyrical miracle whip lyrics

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