Wyklęci sezon 3 lyrics

G, Gorillaz

Dare, Gorillaz

Gorillaz - Dare lyrics
It's coming up!
It's dare
And feel like you were there yourself
Never did no harm
Jump back and forth


N, Nicole Scherzinger

Poison, Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger - Poison lyrics
Got poison on my mind
That bad girl power I got I'll abuse it tonight
I got that poison (uh huh) I got that poison (uh huh)
I got that poison that poison on my mind
Cause tonight got poison on my mind

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E, Enya

Orinoco Flow, Enya

Enya - Orinoco Flow lyrics
Sailaway sailaway sailaway
We can sail we can sail
Turn it up turn it up turn it up
Deh deh deh deh
Deh deh deh deh deh deh


P, Portishead

Only You, Portishead

Portishead - Only You lyrics
And it's only you who can turn my wooden heart
It's only you who can tell me apart
Now that we've chosen to take all we can
This shade of autumn a stale bitter end lyrics
And it's only you who can tell me apart

S, Santogold

Say Aha, Santogold

Santogold - Say Aha lyrics
I'm a army got a whole brigade in my two cents
Gonna blow a hole in this parade it's self-defense
Send in your torpedoes for all they know lyrics
make a show shake them up before you blow

T, The National

Terrible Love, The National

The National - Terrible Love lyrics
Its quiet company
It takes an ocean not to break
It's a terrible love and I'm walking in
It's a terrible love and I'm walking with spiders
I said I would but then I saw

M, Massive Attack

Special Cases, Massive Attack

Massive Attack - Special Cases lyrics
Take a look around the world
It takes two to make love two to make a life
Make you feel like you're always right
But they're always two sides
You see such mad things happening lyrics

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B, Beastie Boys

Girls, Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys - Girls lyrics
I seen her just the other day
Jockin' Mike D to my dismay
That was two years ago this May
I heard she moved real far away
I asked her out - she said "No way!" lyrics


K, Kasabian

Switchblade Smiles, Kasabian

Kasabian - Switchblade Smiles lyrics
Rips through the blackest hole
Move can you feel it coming?
Move back this wrecking ball
Switchblade smiles
And will be forever

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L, Laura Marling

Blackberry Stone, Laura Marling

Laura Marling - Blackberry Stone lyrics
I'd be sad that I never held your hand as you were lowered
And that you wouldn't have it any other way
But I couldn't turn my back on a world
You did always say that I was going places
For what I lack wouldn't let me

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C, Cults

Abducted, Cults

Cults - Abducted lyrics
He took my heart away and left me to bleed out bleed out
He broke my heart cause I really loved him
He tore me apart cause I really loved him
He took it all away (?) and left me to bleed out bleed out
The reasons I hope no dream hasn't left her scarred

C, Chemical Brothers

Leave home, Chemical Brothers

Chemical Brothers - Leave home lyrics
(You know that)
(Yo man you guys are mean)
The brother's gonna work it out x 7
The brother's gonna work it out x 20

T, The Raconteurs

Rich Kid Blues, The Raconteurs

The Raconteurs - Rich Kid Blues lyrics
What's going on
A rich kid's blues
And I know just exactly what is on your mind
That's why I think I got
That's why I think I got a rich kid's blues

B, Brandon Flowers

On the floor, Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers - On the floor lyrics
On the floor
When the lights go down in the city
Begging please
Waiting to believe
I find myself lyrics

H, Hockey

Too Fake, Hockey

Hockey - Too Fake lyrics
I don't like it but it's true
Oh I'm just too fake you see
I've got too much soul for you
Oh you know it's just a game to me lyrics
Look out

C, Clare Maguire

This Is Not The End, Clare Maguire

Clare Maguire - This Is Not The End lyrics
I tell you this is not the end
And lay me down
So dry your eyes
And from today I wish you joy
From this day I wish you peace

C, Cass McCombs

The lonely doll, Cass McCombs

Cass McCombs - The lonely doll lyrics
- the lonely doll
I saw the sad eyes of a girl
under teardrops a swirl
she went to her canopied bed lyrics
she straightened her blonde curl

W, Wolf People

Time, Wolf People

Wolf People - Time lyrics
When I can
When I come home
I like to be here
Home again lyrics
Thought I'd something more to say

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J, James Yorkston

Summer song, James Yorkston

James Yorkston - Summer song lyrics
Lord will I never learn
I place my trust in fool lord will I never learn
The happier I am
The summer it is near lyrics
It's time that we all left behind

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