Zabójcze umysły (sezon 1 - 4) lyrics

N, Nine Inch Nails

Every Day Is Exactly The Same, Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails - Every Day Is Exactly The Same lyrics
Every day is exactly the same
There is no love here and there is no pain
I'll hide it behind something
I'm hoping someday you might find
But I can tell you - exactly - how it will end

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T, The Rolling Stones

Honky tonk women, The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones - Honky tonk women lyrics
but they just don't seem to sail you off my mind lyrics
The sailors they're so charming there in Paris
I laid a divorcee in New York City
I had to put up some kind of a fight

R, Red

Shadows, Red

Red - Shadows lyrics
I'm holding on to you
I try to save you but i can't
There's a hate inside of me
Find the answer

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D, Daughtry

Home, Daughtry

Daughtry - Home lyrics
No I think you got me all wrong
And where your love has always been enough for me lyrics
I don't regret this life I chose for me
But these places and these faces are getting old
So I'm going home lyrics


I, Imogen Heap

The Moment I Said It, Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap - The Moment I Said It lyrics
It's not even light out
Don'tohand another one
Trust me on this one
Don'toh smashplease lyrics
Your scaring me to death

O, Opeth

Death whispered a lullaby, Opeth

Opeth - Death whispered a lullaby lyrics
Sleep my child
Speak to me now and the world will crumble
Buried alive in the shifting sands
Open a door and the moon will fall lyrics
Go to your dreams forget it all

E, Enya

Boadicea, Enya

Enya - Boadicea lyrics
You are the only one to stop my tears
Don't you care
Little by little you've brought me to my knees
I don't understand it for you it's a breeze lyrics
No I've never come close in all of these years

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S, Starsailor

Faith Hope Love, Starsailor

Starsailor - Faith Hope Love lyrics
Be Enough
Faith Hope Love
(Too Much too soon To see it through look back at your life with some kind of pride)
Got to learn to stand on my own two feet lyrics
Would you ever feel the ground?

R, Regina Spektor

Field Below, Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor - Field Below lyrics
I'm awake and feel the ache
But I wish I'd see a field below
I wish I'd see a field below
And darkness spreads over the snow
Like ancient bruises

B, Band Of Horses

Monsters, Band Of Horses

Band Of Horses - Monsters lyrics
if i am lost it's only for a little while
though to say we got much hope
well hey they just like monsters
when aweful people they surround you
and hey transform all others


T, The Black Keys

The Lengths, The Black Keys

The Black Keys - The Lengths lyrics
tell me what you were thinkin
to treat somebody so
or carry on another way (another way)
make amends
don't have to be afraid

B, Billy Joel

Only The Good Die Young, Billy Joel

Billy Joel - Only The Good Die Young lyrics
Only the good die young
You know that only the good die young
I might as well will be the one
I tell you only the good die young
You Catholic girls start much too late

R, Rick Ross

Push It, Rick Ross

Rick Ross - Push It lyrics
(push it to the limit)
Im pushin it (push)
I gotta (push it to the limit)
I push and i push (push)

R, Rosie Thomas

Since You've Been Around, Rosie Thomas

Rosie Thomas - Since You've Been Around lyrics
since you've been around
I'm foolish and crazy
my head's been spinning round and round lyrics
I'm so afraid of losing
I'm drowning

C, Citizen Cope

Penitentiary, Citizen Cope

Citizen Cope - Penitentiary lyrics
When the penitentiary is on fire
When there's no need to bleed
From the penitentiary in our mind lyrics
For your father or your son
Or the one that you've become

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F, Five for Fighting

The Riddle (You and I), Five for Fighting

Five for Fighting - The Riddle (You and I) lyrics
Find the Answer
There's a reason for the world lyrics
He said
Here's a riddle for yah
You and I

J, Jet

Skin and bones, Jet

Jet - Skin and bones lyrics
I swear I love you
Just the way you are
Don't push it baby
Don't it feel so bad?
Please don't go to far

K, Kalli

River of Darkness, Kalli

Kalli - River of Darkness lyrics
I can't find my way
River of darkness
My heart is broken
River of fire
With December

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S, Sheryl Crow

I Don't Wanna Know, Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow - I Don't Wanna Know lyrics
No I don't wanna know
Cuz everything I know makes me feel so low
All in all it's nature's poetry
I don't wanna know
Nobody's crying that's what paper said


M, Mavis Staples

In Times Like These, Mavis Staples

Mavis Staples - In Times Like These lyrics
in times like these
everybody needs to lean on someone
everybody (everybody) needs someone they can lean on
everybody (everybody)
gotta make a new start ya'll

T, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Here Comes My Girl, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Here Comes My Girl lyrics
And man you know I can't begin to doubt it
And then she looks me in the eye says "We gonna last forever"
No because this feels so good and so free and so right
I know we ain't never goin' change our minds about it

E, Eagles Of Death Metal

I Gotta Feelin (Just Nineteen), Eagles Of Death Metal

Eagles Of Death Metal - I Gotta Feelin (Just Nineteen) lyrics
Now look it baby you're just nineteen
I gotta feeling that you wanna come over
Because I know the spot
You know I'm everything
I got to give in

B, Billie Holiday

You Go to My Head, Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday - You Go to My Head lyrics
You go to my head
Though I'm certain that this heart of mine
Hasn't a ghost of a chance in this crazy romance
Can't you see that it never can be
With a smile that makes my temperature rise

, ,

L, Little Jackie

28 Butts, Little Jackie

Little Jackie - 28 Butts lyrics
Has been emptied lyrics
Another bottle of whiskey
I gotta pace myself I'm smoking like a chimney
I know you wouldn't put it past me lyrics
I really know how to party

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